SenSa Granite counter tops are produced by Cosentino USA.

How does SenGuard™ work?

SenGuard™ uses the cutting edge nano-technology. Specially designed molecules bond permanently in the pores of the stone without blocking them, and change the surface energy so the treated surface now repels liquids rather than absorbing them.

What is Sensa Granite?

It is a beautiful, silky, top quality granite pre-sealed with SenGuard™ the pride of any kitchen, which will retain its beauty for decades. Exclusively produced by Cosentino USA.

What is the difference between SenGuard™ and common granite sealers?

There are many sealers on the market that claim to safeguard granite surfaces. Common sealers create a mechanical bond with the material that protects granite by blocking or sealing the porosity of the stone. However, this bond is weak and easily broken down by common household cleaners; therefore, regular re-application of the sealer is required to prolong the life of granite. Common sealers also tend to be less breathable which can lead to damage from moisture trapped within the stone.

Unlike these common sealers, SenGuard™ penetrates deeply and forms a permanent chemical bond within the material while, still allowing the stone to breathe freely. This means both superior and long term protection of up to 15 years for your countertop.