About Concrete Paving

Concrete Pavers are made by pouring a mixture of concrete and a coloring agent into a mold of some shape and allowing it to set. Concrete pavers are a popular outdoor flooring surface. With modern technology, rough grey concrete pavers are a thing of the past, and many are produced with a sophisticated look similar to come types of natural stone.

Sealing Concrete Paving

Concrete paving is very porous, and stains easily. It's high porosity makes it particularly prone to salt efflorescence (see our FAQs for an explanation of efflorescence). All concrete pavings should be sealed to keep it looking good for a long period of time.

To maintain the look, breathe-ability and slip resistance of the surface, it is important to use a high quality, invisible, impregnating sealer. Dry-Treat impregnating sealers are safe and suitable for outdoor and indoor surfaces, and for residential or high traffic commercial surfaces.

Which Dry-Treat Sealer is Best for my Concrete Paving?


Permanent, invisible, fully breathable impregnating sealer for water and salt, PLUS premium oil stain protection.15 year warranty when sealing is performed by an Accredited Applicator.


For colour enrichment PLUS water based stain protection. 5 year warranty when sealing is performed by an Accredited Applicator.

Plus STAIN-PROOF Original™ or META CREME™ for additional oil protection at least 24 hours after ENHANCE-PLUS™.

Pre-sealing Preparation

1) Any surface to be sealed should be clean and looking just as you want it before it is sealed - it may be impossible to remove stains after sealing.

2) The surface must be freed waxes or other topical coatings. Any such existing coating must be removed prior to treating with a Dry-Treat sealer.

3) Ensure the material is thoroughly dry before applying any Dry-Treat sealer.

HANAFINN Oxy-Klenza™ is a highly effective, heavy-duty cleaner which is safe to use on most types of porous surface. HANAFINN X-Duty Graffiti Kleena™ may also be used for stubborn stains.


1) Always test any cleaning chemical or sealer on a small, inconspicuous area of the surface 24 hours before doing the project, to check that it will produce the desired result. This is especially important with ENHANCE-PLUS™ to ensure the colour enhancement is what you want.

2) Always ensure the surface is completely dry before proceeding with sealing.