October 2014



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Case Study: Kessel-Lo Residence



This stained granite tiled patio at a Kesel-Lo residence in Belgium required some work. The Sealer team removed the stains using the powerful, oxygen and alkaline based cleaner, Oxy-Klenxa™. After the surface was brought back to life it was sealed with STAIN-PROOF Original™ to provide superior protection against future staining. To read the full case study click here

Our case study page is one of the most visited on our website. Every case study we publish is permanently located there. If you would like to promote your company with a job that you have recently completed using a product from the Dry-Treat range, email marketing@drytreat.com with your name and phone number. Please put 'case study' in the subject line. Include a description of the project with some great quality images.

Fabricator Survey


Attention North American Fabricators! The Marble Institute of Amercia's 2014 Benchmarking Survey is on. The confidential survey is FREE to all natural stone fabricators. By participating you will recieve a report comparing your company to other fabricating firms, useful in understanding and improving your firm's profitability. You will also be entered in a random draw for some great prizes. 

The dealine for submission is November 15th so click here to complete it.  

Video: Please Leaf Me Alone!



How do leaves stain porous surfaces? What is the best way to remove them? Can you prevent them?

If you are unsure how to answer these questions then click here to watch our latest video on common problems with porous surfaces. 

Can Stones Really Move On Their Own?



Picture: Mike Hartmann

Scientists have discovered what causes stones, some up to 300kg to move in Death Valley National Park, California. Rain runoff from surrounding mountains can flood the dry lake bed to a few centimetres. When the temperature drops below freezing at night thin sheets of ice form. The trails left behind on the dry lake bed are the result of the ice nudging the stones forward as the lake melts in the sun. They can move up to 5 metres per minute.

Solving the mystery of the ‘sailing stones’ is an important achievement for the scientific community but greatly disappointing for fans of the TV show X-Files. This is yet another supernatural phenomena extinguished by science. To read the full article click here



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