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Case Study: Sydney Residence Driveway


SydneyDrivewayCasestudyBefore SydneyDrivewayCasestudyAfter

This driveway made of concrete pavers needed a product that would enhance the colour and provide protection against staining. INTENSIFIA™ was selected for this project because it will provide a deep and lasting colour enhancement as well as making the driveway super repellent against water and oils. To read the full case study click here.

If you would like to promote your company with a job that you have recently completed using a product from the Dry-Treat range, email marketing@drytreat.com with your name and phone number. Please put 'case study' in the subject line. Include a description of the project with some great quality images.

Happy 40th!




From everyone at the Dry-Treat family, we'd like to congratulate Ceramique Internationale on reaching this impressive milestone! We look forward to your new and exciting tile designs and innovations in the future. 

Sealers Basics: Topical vs. Impregnating Sealer Video


Deciding on the right type of sealer can be tricky, especially if a customer has no idea what a sealer is! We've put together a video answering those frequently asked questions that can sometimes be difficult to answer. Subscribe to make sure you don't miss out on upcoming videos from the Dry-Treat Team!



Maybe the Mayans Were Right?



Source: AP

When an ancient civilization predicted that the world would end in December 2012, they may have not been that far off. NASA has recently confirmed that a powerful solar flare nearly wiped out global communication networks and electrical grids two years ago. 

For those that had applied Sola-Kleena™ the self-cleaning, photo-active cleaner, a potential catastrophe that could have ended the modern world as we know it may have saved them hours of tedious outdoor cleaning.To read the full article click here



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