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Barcelona Metro

Surface Type: Terrazzo | Product Used: STAIN-PROOF Original™ | Completed: 2008

ApplicatorExclusivas Uda



Barcelona, the capital and most populous city of Catalonia and the second largest city in Spain, has a complex metro network. Anden metro station, located in the heart of Barcelona’s city center, is one of the busiest stations in Barcelona and is therefore subject to high levels of traffic and constant maintenance. A sealer was needed which would stand up to the wear and tear of traffic and maintenance long term, while maintaining the slip resistance and colour of the terrazzo paving.  



  • To ensure the highest safety standards for commuters and staff, the sealer had to provide optimal protection for the terrazzo surface without negatively affecting its slip resistance. 
  • The speed of the application and lifespan of the sealer were crucial in order to minimize future interference with pedestrian traffic. 
  • The sealer was also required to protect the surface from serious damage such as graffiti, salt efflorescence and water damage, as well as providing resistance to the strong alkaline liquids used for cleaning the metro station.



Dry-Treat’s world leading, invisible impregnator, STAIN-PROOF Original™, offered a complete solution for sealing the highly porous terrazzo of Anden Metro Station. 

The chemistry of STAIN-PROOF Original™ is unique. Its formula contains specially engineered molecules which are thousand of time smaller than competitor sealers. The small size of the molecules enables them to penetrate much deeper into the pores of the material. They then bond by chemical reaction to become a permanent part of the material. A sufficiently deep, permanent water and oil-repellent barrier is created which is able to effectively protect against staining and even structural damage caused by water ingress, and which stands up to highly alkaline cleaning chemicals and even high pressure hosing.

As STAIN-PROOF Original™ works from inside the pores of the material and does not form a coating or even a micro film on the surface, the slip resistance of the surface remain unaffected when wet. (See independent slip testing of STAIN-PROOF Original™ by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) on the Dry-Treat website at www.drytreat.com). 

Application time and permanence of the sealer were crucial factors as Barcelona council wanted to limit disturbances to pedestrian traffic while the surface was being treated. STAIN-PROOF Original’s base contains alcohol, making it extremely quickly to apply. Only ten minutes is required between the two coats, and with good weather conditions, the surface can be walked on within a couple of hours, and can resist liquid after about 8 hours. STAIN-PROOF Original™ will also continue to impregnate deeper and cure inside the material for up to a month.

The terrazzo of Anden Metro station was sealed with two coats of STAIN-PROOF Original™ by Accredited Dry-Treat Applicator Exclusivas Uda. The look, finish and slip resistance of the limestone surface were unchanged after treatment. STAIN-PROOF Original’s extended lifespan will not cause future interference because, unlike many other impregnators, resealing every couple of years is not required. The project is backed by a standard, ‘no fine print’, STAIN-PROOF Original™ 15 year performance warranty.

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