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Dry-Treat is the world leader in production of sealers for porous surfaces, including stone, tile, paving, concrete and grout. The chemistry of Dry-Treat's impregnating sealers is unique, giving superior penetration and permanence, for unsurpassed protection.

  • invisible - maintains the look and slip resistance of your surface; protect it from staining, water and salt damage, freeze-thaw damage and graffiti.
  • ultra breathable - allows moisture to evaporate, instead of gathering inside the material.
  • suitable - indoors and outdoors, residential and commercial environments, kitchens, bathrooms and entertaining areas.
  • make cleaning easier - no special cleaners required; stands up to household cleaning chemicals and even commercial cleaning techniques, such as high pressure hosing.

Residential/Commercial Protection Products

  • STAIN-PROOF™ Original

    The premium impregnating sealer, providing world leading protection for porous surfaces including, natural stone, tiles, pavers concrete and grout.

    The ultimate impregnating, breathable sealer specially designed for dense natural stone countertops.

    The ultra-low VOC impregnating sealer providing outstanding protection for porous surfaces including, natural stone, pavers, tiles, bricks, concrete and grout.

    The impregnating sealer that provides permanent consolidation and water repellence for softer, more porous materials in freeze-thaw and salt water environments.
  • HANAFINN™ Stain-Repella™

    The economic, non-permanent high performance sealer for porous surfaces including, natural stone, tiles, pavers, concrete and grout.

Specialty Natural Stone Enhancers


    Deep color enhancer and premium sealer for porous surfaces, including natural stone, pavers, masonry and terracotta.

Industrial Protection Products

  • DRY-TREAT 100N™

    Deep, permanent, water-repelling impregnating sealer for protection of exposed structural concrete.

    Ultra-low VOC, deep, permanent, water-repelling impregnating sealer for exposed structural concrete.
  • DRY-TREAT 100N CI™

    Deep, permanent, water-repelling impregnating sealer plus corrosion inhibitor for exposed structural concrete

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