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Hesperia Towers Hotel

Surface Type: Concrete | Products Used: DRY-TREAT 40SK™ & STAIN-PROOF Original™

Completed: 2010



The Hesperia Towers of Barcelona is a stunning, futuristic tower located near the Barcelona city centre. Its luxurious rooms offer spectacular views over the city and Mediterranean Sea. The 107-metre-high Hesperia Tower was designed by the world-famous British architect, Richard Rogers. It features a top-floor revolving, Michelin-starred restaurant run by noted chef, Santi Santamaría. Another feature of the hotel is the magnificent water feature and fountain providing a unique and beautiful back drop for diners and guests. Suspended over the hotel car park the area needed to be sealed to ensure moisture from the fountain and decorative pool didn’t penetrate through to the car park below. Dry-Treat was approached to provide a total solution. For the ultimate water protection the pool and fountain area was treated with 2 coats of DRY-TREAT 40SK™ and a further 2 coats of STAIN-PROOF Original™



The requirements for the project were:

  • Provide long term protection for the concrete and steel reinforcing around the fountain against water and salt damage 
  • Prevent water leaking through the concrete substructure to the car park below.
  • Consolidate and strengthen friable surfaces exposed to a salt water environment.



After experiencing leaking into the hotel car park from the pool and fountain above, the developer of the Hesperia turned to Dry-Treat for a solution to stop the leak and guard against future structural damage to the fountain and car park. Firstly all joins and cracks were filled. The area was then treated with 2 coats of DRY-TREAT 40SK™. This helped to consolidate the surface and make it less prone to salt damage from water borne salts present in the pool and fountain.

STAIN-PROOF Original™ was applied 2 weeks later to add super water-repellency to the DRY-TREAT 40SK™. The look of the surface remained unchanged, so the water clarity of the pool remained as required by designers. Also, because both sealers bond permanently to the surface, the need for costly and disruptive reapplication was eliminated. Both DRY-TREAT 40SK™ and STAIN-PROOF Original™ come with a written 15 year performance warranty when applied by a Dry-Treat™ Accredited Applicator. 

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