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McMahons Point Residence

Surface Type: Sandstone | Products Used: Oxy-Klenza™ & STAIN-PROOF Original™

Completed: 2010




McMahons Point in Sydney is known for its proximity to Sydney Harbour and all that it offers. On the downside, it is exposed to air-born salts from the harbour. At this newly-renovated apartment building, the exterior sandstone required cleaning before being sealed. Oxy-Klenza ™ plus pressure washing was the method of choice for cleaning, followed by STAIN-PROOF Original™. 



There were a number of stringent prerequisites for choosing a cleaner and sealer for the external standstone on this project:

  • Cleaner must designed for natural stone. 
  • Environmental choice.
  • Sealed surfaces should be easier to maintain and clean – withstanding commercial cleaning processes and alkaline cleaning chemicals.
  • Superior water and oil stain repellency.
  • The look and finish of the surfaces had to be retained.



The cleaning process of the exterior sandstone wall required a combination of:

  • Oxy-Klenza™ formed into a paste to apply horizontally; and
  • Pressure washing

From an environmental viewpoint, the unique odourless technology of Oxy-Klenza™ is safer to use than traditional chlorine based cleaners. Oxy-Klenza™ decomposes quickly into oxygen, water and natural salts, making it the better choice for the environment. Oxy-Klenza™ can perform a range of cleaning from cleaning grease and grime to removing stains caused by mold, algae and leaf marks on a wide range of surfaces such as patios, public areas, swimming pool surrounds, driveways, eating and entertaining areas. 

Once clean, STAIN-PROOF Original™ was chosen, with particular importance on protecting against water and air-borne salts coming from the harbour. Surrounding trees and other vegetation also meant that stains from leaves would also have to be cleaned off easily. STAIN-PROOF Original™ bonds permanently inside the pores by a process of chemical reaction, actually becoming part of the molecular structure of the treated tile. So STAIN-PROOF Original™ does not have to be re-applied regularly. A 15 year performance warranty is available when a surface is treated with STAIN-PROOF Original™ by a Dry-Treat™ Accredited Applicator.


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