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Belgian Brick Home

Surface Type: Brick | Products Used: Alkaline Cleaner & Premium Impregnating Sealer | Completed: June 2014

Applicator: Sealer bvba Email: info@sealer.be | Website: www.sealer.be



The external walls of this brick home in Nieuwkerken-waas, Belgium were in need of a serious clean. The exposed brick walls were a shade of their former selves, literally. Air pollution, mold and general grime had stained the home. The owners requested that the brick walls be cleaned and sealed to protect the surface from future staining. 



  • Complete removal of existing stains
  • Treated surface must stay cleaner for longer
  • Superior protection against staining
  • Sealer cannot alter original look of the surface


The neglected brick surfaces required a cleaner that would remove the layers of grime and dirt. To prevent the surface reverting back to its previous state, long lasting stain protection was also needed. The sealer applied would therefore need to have a strong UV-resistance and stand up to cleaning processes.

For these reasons STAIN-PROOF Alkaline Cleaner, formerly known as HANAFINN Oxy-Klenza™, and STAIN-PROOF Premium Impregnating Sealer, previously STAIN-PROOF Original™, were selected for the project. Before a surface can be sealed it must be thoroughly cleaned, otherwise it will be much more difficult to remove stains. Alkaline Cleaner was chosen because it is a powerful, oxygen and alkaline-based cleaner. The 100 per cent powder concentrate was able to remove the tough stains that had built up on the brick wall. The environmentally responsible cleaner produces zero VOC and zero fumes so cleaning the large surface area did not harm the applicator or environment. 

The following day, the newly clean brick walls were sealed with Premium Impregnating Sealer. Its superior penetration and water and oil repellency will prevent staining. Premium Impregnating Sealer permanently bonds to the material through a chemical reaction deep inside the pores where it is not affected by UV light or cleaning processes.

The permanency of Premium Impregnating Sealer means regular re-application is not necessary so the future cost and effort of maintenance will be reduced. Premium Impregnating Sealer comes with a 15-year performance warranty when the product is applied by a STAIN-PROOF Accredited Applicator.


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