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Paver Enhancing Sealer

STAIN-PROOF® Paver Enhancing Sealer offers both rich color enhancement and water and liquid protection through a patented combination of silicone technology. The result is a long-lasting, penetrating oil and water repellent that deepens and enriches the natural color of concrete pavers, cement tiles, terrazzo floors and cement surfaces.

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Typical Applications

Paver Enhancing Sealer works on most concrete pavers, cement tiles, terrazzo floors, and cement surfaces. Formulated for indoor and outdoor applications, Paver Enhancing Sealer is suitable for residential and commercial buildings.



  • Made for man-made stone pavers
  • Intense color enrichment with oil and water repellency
  • Fully impregnating, with no sheen or shine
  • Does not affect slip rate slip testing (ANSI 37.1)




Hexyldecyltrimethoxysilane, methanol, and dimethicone.

VOC Content


Pack Size


32 fl oz/.95 L           |   150852 

1 gallon/3.79 L       |   150812

2.5 gallon/9.46 L   |   150832


How To Use

Regular Application

  1. ALWAYS TEST PRODUCT ON A SMALL AREA FIRST and allow a 24-hour cure time to check results.
  2. Ensure surfaces to be treated are dry, clean and free of residues and the surface temperature is between 40-95°F (5-35°C).
  3. Using a low-pressure hand sprayer, foam roller or similar applicator, apply one or more even coat(s). Avoid contact with surrounding areas. Additional coats may be applied at minimum 30-minute intervals.
  4. Estimated total application rate: 1 quart per 80 sq. ft. (8 sq. m.). Application rate will vary depending on surface absorption and number of coats.
  5. Remove all excess, then after 30 minutes a 2nd coat may be applied.
  6. If sprayed, product must be back-rolled into surfaces before 30-minute dwell on all coats.
  7. Clean equipment with acetone.
  8. Protect from moisture (e.g., rain) for a minimum of 12 hours. Surface may be used with care 12 hours after application.

Advanced Application Tips

TIPS FOR APPLYING ON VERTICAL SURFACES: Product dwell time is significantly lower on vertical surfaces, as opposed to horizontal surfaces. For that reason, a liquid sealer will run down the wall if a substantial amount is applied. As sealers require plenty of dwell time to sufficiently penetrate the surface, apply 3 to 4 light coats of STAIN-PROOF Paver Enhancing Sealer, as opposed to 2 generous coats. Apply each successive coat before the previous one dries (wet on wet, with approximately 10 minutes between coats). Place tarp or plastic sheets below to catch the excess drips.

NOTE: STAIN-PROOF Paver Enhancing Sealer will not prevent etching from acidic liquids or physical surface wear. The level of enhancement will depend on the type of material being treated. A test on a sample piece is advised before applying the product to your surface. Eventually, wear and tear, as well as cleaning, will affect the enhancement and sealing performance. Reapplication of the product will be needed. Once enhanced, the treated surface cannot be restored back to the original look.


Application Rates

1 quart per 80 sq.ft. (8 sq.m.) Application rate will vary de-pending on surface absorption and number of coats. The table of minimum application rate can be used for your reference. 


Store in a well-ventilated place.  Keep cool and locked up. IN CASE OF FIRE: Use alcohol resistant foam or normal protein foam for extinction.

Brochures, Guides and Spec Sheet

Paver Enhancing Sealer Overview 

Paver Enhancing Sealer Spec Sheet

Paver Enhancing Sealer Spec Sheet (JPN)

Product Uses and Porosity Chart


Sealer Application Rates

Maintaining Sealed Surfaces

General Surface Maintenance Guide

STAIN-PROOF has produced a comprehensive, easy-to-read guide to maintaining your sealed (or unsealed) porous surface, including stone surfaces. 

STAIN-PROOF Surface Maintenance Guide is divided into clear sections for easy use - indoor and out door surfaces, horizontal and vertical surfaces, heavy duty cleaning, light regular cleaning, stain removal and tackling special problems such as salt efflorescence and grout haze.

Download our Surface Maintenance Guide

Safety Data Sheets

To request SDS files, please email our Customer Care team at order@drytreat.com.

Specification Clauses

Construction Specifications Institute format

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