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Daily Floor Cleaner

STAIN-PROOF® Daily Floor Cleaner is a powerful, natural active enzyme cleaner concentrate for both heavy duty and light duty (regular) cleaning of all natural stones, tile, grout, brick and other hard surfaces. Daily Floor Cleaner contains 3 different enzymes for removing general grime and stains caused by grease / oils, mold, food and beverages.

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Typical Applications

Daily Floor Cleaner is recommended for cleaning indoor surfaces including kitchen floors, bathrooms, eating and entertaining areas. Daily Floor Cleaner can be used for light regular mopping, heavy duty cleaning and removal of stains caused by oil / grease, mold, leaf marks, food and beverages.

Daily Floor Cleaner is suitable for domestic and commercial cleaning of hard surfaces, including:

  • all natural stone (including acid sensitive, calcite based stones such as marble and limestone) 
  • porcelain, ceramic and clay tile
  • grout
  • vinyl and unfinished wood (with no stain, oil or other coatings).


  • Daily Floor Cleaner contains 3 different, powerful natural active enzymes (similar to those in your gut) that quickly break down oils, grime, food residue, and stains caused by mold.
  • Super Concentrate 
    • only 3 to 4 capfuls in a bucket of water required for regular mopping
    • Effective for heavy duty cleaning and stain removal (using a higher concentration)
  • For domestic and commercial cleaning, including in scrubbing machines. 

Grout before after

Grout - Before and After cleaning


Application Rate

Heavy duty cleaning: 1/3 bottle in 2 gallons (8 L) of water
Light mopping: 4-6 capfuls in 2 gallons (8 L) of water


Pack Size

1 Quart (946 mL) container

Light Duty Cleaning / Mopping

  2. Remove dust and dirt from surface by sweeping or vacuuming
  3. Pour 2-4 capfuls of Daily Floor Cleaner into a bucket of clean warm water (2 gallons / 8 Litres). Stir briefly. More soiled surfaces may need a higher concentration.
  4. Mop the surface, rinsing the mop frequently. If the mixture in the bucket becomes too dirty, rinse the mop thoroughly in clean water and mix a fresh bucket of cleaner and water to continue mopping.
  5. In light concentrations, the cleaner should not leave residue. If used in heavier concentrations, light mopping with clean water may be necessary

Heavy Cleaning of Heavily Soiled Surfaces and Stain Removal

  2. Remove dust and dirt from surface by sweeping or vacuuming.
  3. Pour 1/3 of a bottle of Daily Floor Cleaner into a bucket of clean warm water (2 gallons / 8 Litres). Stir briefly.
  4. Generously apply to the surface and leave for a few minutes to allow the enzymes to start breaking down the stain.
  5. Before the cleaner dries on the surface, scrub with a suitable brush or deck scrubber.
  6. Rinse thoroughly with clean water and a mop
  7. For stains or spots where normal heavy duty cleaning has not produced a perfect result, apply Daily Floor Cleaner neat, allow to sit for a few minutes, scrub with a suitable brush before it dries and rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary.


Do not take internally. Protect surrounding areas from product contact. Avoid eye and skin contact and breathing spray mist vapor. Wash hands thoroughly after applying.


Keep container tightly sealed in a cool, well ventilated place. Do no freeze.

Safety Directions

Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Avoid inhaling vapor or spray mist.

First Aid

If swallowed, contact a physician. DO NOT induce vomiting. If skin contact occurs remove contaminated clothing and wash skin thoroughly. If irritation persists, contact a physician. If in eyes, hold open, flood with water for at least 15 minutes and contact a physician. If you inhale vapors or mist relocate to fresh air. If symptoms persist contact a physician.


Spillage- take up mechanically or with absorbent material such as sand or saw dust.

Daily Floor Cleaner Downloads

Brochures, Guides and Specsheets


Daily Floor Cleaner Specification Sheet

Daily Floor Cleaner Overview

Product Uses And Porosity Chart

Sealing and Cleaning Cement Tiles

General Surface Maintenance Guide

STAIN-PROOF has produced a comprehensive, easy-to-read guide to maintaining your sealed (or unsealed) porous surface, including stone surfaces. 

STAIN-PROOF Surface Maintenance Guide is divided into clear sections for easy use - indoor and out door surfaces, horizontal and vertical surfaces, heavy duty cleaning, light regular cleaning, stain removal and tackling special problems such as salt efflorescence and grout haze.

Download our Surface Maintenance Guide

Safety Data Sheets

To request SDS files, please email our Customer Care team at order@drytreat.com.

Specification Clauses

Construction Specifications Institute format

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