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Bellevue Hill Home

Applicator: BTS Sealing | Phone: 0418 766237 | Email: simon@bailytradeservices.com.au

Surface Type: Travertine & Sandstone | Products Used: STAIN-PROOF™ Original & DRY-TREAT 40SK™| Completed: July 2015



The exclusive suburb of Bellevue Hill is located in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. Meaning beautiful view, the suburb was named by the 5th Governor of NSW Lachlan Macquarie.
It’s not hard to see why, with panoramic harbour views and minutes from Sydney’s famous beaches. The owner of this Bellevue home wasn’t quite able to appreciate the views.The travertine patio and sandstone stairway where in need of a good clean. Protection from staining and damage caused by water was also requested.



  • Patio and stairs needed to be thoroughly cleaned
  • Excellent stain protection
  • Treatment had to protect against efflorescence and salt spalling
  • Protection had to be long lasting



The porous sandstone and travertine surfaces were constantly being stained. Sealing the surfaces would limit water ingress, reducing the amount of staining. The travertine pool coping was around a salt water pool. This soft, porous stone was therefore at risk to salt spalling and efflorescence. For these reasons STAIN-PROOF™ Original and DRY-TREAT 40SK™ were selected for the project. 

The team at BTS deep pore cleaned the travertine patio, pool coping and sandstone stairs. Once the surfaces were clean and dry the patio and stairs were sealed with STAIN-PROOF™ Original.

STAIN-PROOF™ Original penetrates deep into a material. This creates the premium water-repellent barrier which has reduced the amount of staining on the travertine pavers. Superior protection against efflorescence has also been provided. The permanent chemical bonding that occurs in the pore structure, combined with the deep penetration, prevents the sealer cracking or peeling away from the exposure to UV light. This bond also ensures STAIN-PROOF™ Original stands up to ongoing cleaning processes.

The travertine pavers around the pool required sealing with DRY-TREAT 40SK™. This is because the porous, softer stone is more susceptible to efflorescence and salt spalling. These problems are not only unsightly, but can damage the stone.

DRY-TREAT 40SK™ penetrates deep into a material, chemically bonding to the pore structure. This creates the super, long lasting water-repellent barrier that significantly reduces water ingress. Preventing damaging minerals found in the pool’s water from reaching the travertine surface is the only way to protect against salt spalling and efflorescence. The UV-resistant sealer will not crack or peel and stands up to traffic. DRY-TREAT 40SK™ is also an excellent consolidator which will help strengthen the travertine pavers over time.


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