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Luas Tram System

Surface Type: Chinese Granite | Product Used: Premium Impregnating Sealer| Completed: 2010

Applicator: Aspect Construction 



The Irish Luas Tram System network in Dublin is generally recognized as one of the most advanced tram systems in Europe.
Work began on the upgrade and extension of the existing tram network in 2001 and is expected to be completed by the end of 2010. There are currently two extensions to the existing lines under construction, while several more extensions as well as new lines are at the planning stage. High foot traffic and exposure to damp Irish conditions quickly made maintenance of the Chinese Granite platforms an issue for authorities. A product was required that would provide long term protection in the unforgiving Irish climate.



The requirements for the project were:

  • Provide long term protection against oil and water based staining.
  • The appearance of the surface should be maintained.
  •  Sealer must not affect the slip resistance of the surfaces.
  •  Sealed surfaces should be easier to maintain and clean.
  •  Longevity of the product – eliminating disruptions for re-application.



The main area of concern for the tram authority was the deterioration of the Chinese Granite due to high traffic and exposure to the damp Irish climate. Aspect Construction of Dublin were contracted to seal the Chinese Granite. Platforms were sealed with 2 coats of STAIN-PROOF Premium Impregnating Sealer, formerly known as STAIN-PROOF Original™. The tiny molecules in Premium Impregnating Sealer penetrate deep into the surface of even the most dense material, like granite, to create a permanent barrier against water and oil stains without changing the look or slip resistance of the surface.

The Premium Impregnating Sealer barrier works by keeping water and dissolved salts well away from the surface guarding against unsightly damage like efflorescence, spalling and freeze/thaw. Dirt and grime are also unable to penetrate the treated surface keeping it looking good for longer and making regular maintenance easier. Also, because Premium Impregnating Sealer is permanent the need for costly and disruptive reapplication is eliminated. Premium Impregnating Sealer is backed by a written 15 year performance warranty when applied by an Accredited Applicator.


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