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Sandstone Sculptures

Surface Type: Sandstone Sculptures | Products Used: 40SK Consolidator, Premium Impregnating Sealer | Completed: 2021



As a multi-awarding winning Australia sculptor, Michael Purdy has made it his life’s work to make beautiful creations from natural materials, specifically sandstone.

His projects are renowned throughout much of NSW, with prominent creations including ‘Homage to the Offshore Wind’ in Gerringong, ‘Kings and Queens’ at Bondi, and ‘Monument to the Long Term Perils of Short Term Politics’ based at the University of Western Sydney.

But once a piece comes out of the studio, it is critical that it continues to look good and be protected. Siting the work in a suitable place is a good place to start, but often the most dramatic and visually exciting position, is exactly the worst place for the stone in terms of exposure.

Water can be harmless, but if stone is wet for long enough, mold and bacteria can take hold and the material can be softened and weakened. Water also contains minerals (salts) that can leave unsightly residues or stains, whilst salt spalling can also cause major corrosion of unprotected stone.

"As an artist, I always want my work to be seen in its best light. Because I am the creator, I feel that the condition of a sculpture reflects on me personally", says Michael.



Protect against staining, but also structural damage caused by water ingress, freeze-thaw spalling, and salt efflorescence without affecting the look or breathability of the material.



"Knowing what I now know through my own experimentation and observations I always seal my work with STAIN-PROOF® 40SK Consolidator and follow this a few weeks later with STAIN-PROOF® Premium Impregnating Sealer.", said Michael.

Wherever possible, Michael seals his creations before they leave the studio, because this combination not only protects the surface but if makes sandstone much harder, and this is particularly important during transport and installation.

The chemistry in the STAIN-PROOF® range of sealers is unique. Specially engineered molecules which are hundreds of times smaller than competitor sealers penetrate much deeper into the pores of the material, where they then bond permanently without affecting the look or breathability of the material.

This uniquely deep water and oil repellent barrier not only protect against staining, but also structural damage caused by water ingress, freeze-thaw spalling, and salt efflorescence. Manufactured by ICP, a leading formulator and manufacturer of specialty coatings, adhesives, and sealants, STAIN-PROOF® gets the job done.

"After working with sandstone for the last thirty years it’s only in very recent times that I feel qualified to give advice about how to treat the stone to make it last. It took that long for me see with my own eyes what works, and what doesn't", added Michael.

"With the STAIN-PROOF® by Dry-Treat range of sealers and cleaners I can rest easy knowing I am getting the best protection to ensure my sculptures continue to look good for many years to come."

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