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Palm Beach

Surface Type: Concrete PaversProducts Used: Paver Enhancing Sealer | Completed: 2023



The owner of this driveway wanted a product that would enhance the color of their concrete paving as well as provide protection against staining. The pavers are completely uncovered, subject to South Florida rains and humidity, which bring organic stains. Oil spills from cars parked in the driveway will also impact the surface. Concrete pavers are quite porous and will stain easily if spills are left on the driveway. A topical sealer would not have been recommended due to its short lifespan, as well as causing wet surfaces to become slippery and being non-breathable. The customer had tried different sealers in the past, which failed due to their short lifespan.



  • The Sealer should enhance the color of the faded concrete surface.
  • The treated surface should repel water and oil.
  • Once sealed, the treated surface should be easier to clean and look good for as long as possible.



An enhancer as well as a sealer  was required to darken the look of the concrete driveway. However, as the surface will constantly subjected to rain and potential spills, such as motor oil from a car, lasting protection from water and oil-based stains was necessary. Any liquid that is repeatedly allowed to penetrate into porous materials will cause deep staining. Note: even with a sealer applied to a surface, spills should still be wiped up as soon as possible.

For this reason, STAIN-PROOF® Paver Enhancing Sealer  was chosen because it will provide an intense and lasting enrichment of the driveway as well as ensure the surface has  water and oil repellency. Also because of the value of the product vs. other enhancers, the long-term cost of using Paver Enhancing Sealer is significantly lower than other initially cheaper solutions.

This surface will keep looking beautiful in this South Florida subtropical home, even when exposed to harsh sun rays.

The Stain-Proof Accredited Applicator Paver Sealing Pros, located in Palm Beach, Florida, is one of the best in the area for this type of project and executed it flawlessly.

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