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Puget Sound, Seattle, Washington

Surface Type: Chinese Sandstone | Product Used: Oxy-Klenza, DRY-TREAT 40SK, STAIN-PROOF Original™ | Completed: July 2016

Applicator: Seal Team One | Email: denny@sealteamone.net | Websitewww.sealteamone.net


Patio before cleaning Heavy staining Spalling on the sandstone coping in the interior pool


The Puget Sound is an inlet of the Pacific Ocean along the northwestern coast of the U.S. state of Washington. It branches out of the Strait of Juan de Fuca. The harsh coastal environment and extreme freezing temperatures during winter subject the buildings and infrastructure along the coast of the Sound to a common but serious problem of spalling.

A certain residence on the coast of the Sound has subjected to the harsh marine environment to the point where their Chinese Sandstone patio and veneer were spalling and delaminating within 5 years of installation. Also, dirt and oil staining were prevalent throughout the patio.


The project requirements were:

  • The sealer must provide long term protection against further freeze-thaw and salt spalling, efflorescence
  • Consolidation of the sandstone
  • Oil and water repellence to prevent further staining
  • The appearance of the surface must be maintained (no darkening or changing the finish)
  • Sealed surfaces should be easier to maintain and clean
  • Long lasting – eliminating the need for re-application



The Dry-Treat team was on site throughout the project advising on best practices with Seal Team One and consulting the homeowner on the conditions and solutions.

Careful preparation and protection were necessary to ensure the preservation of the greenscape and adjacent architectural features.


For cleaning, Seal Team One have chosen to use Oxy-Klenza™ - a powerful, oxygen-based alkaline cleaner – for general cleaning and stain removal. For more stubborn stains and spot cleaning, the team made a poultice with Oxy-Klenza.


The sealers chosen for this project were the DRY-TREAT 40SK™ and STAIN-PROOF™ Original.

DRY-TREAT 40SK is a premium water repellent and consolidator that strengthens porous materials by 30-40%. The consolidation provided by 40SK would help protect the Chinese Sandtone from further spalling and delamination.

To prevent further staining, Dry-Treat’s premium impregnating sealer, STAIN-PROOF Original was used. STAIN-PROOF Original was applied 2 weeks after DRY-TREAT 40SK to give ample time for 40SK to cure.

Our unique sealing technology allows our sealing molecules to penetrate deep into the pores of the material. This means that the sealer will withstand most cleaning methods, even commercial grade sprayers, making it easier to maintain and clean. In fact, once cured, the only way to remove the sealer is to physically remove the part of the surface that has been penetrated by the sealer. Because of this, Dry-Treat sealers provide long lasting protection against water and oil-based staining and damage caused by water ingress such as freeze-thaw spalling, salt spalling, and efflorescence.

Both STAIN-PROOF™ Original and DRY-TREAT 40SK are invisible and do not change the appearance or finish of the surface. For a surface color enhancer, please see INTENSIFIA™.

STAIN-PROOF™ Original and DRY-TREAT 40SK™ both come with a 15-year warranty if applied by an Accredited Applicator. The longevity of the sealers eliminates the need for re-application, reducing maintenance costs.

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