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Siemens Office

Surface Type: Basalt | Product Used: ENHANCE-PLUS™ | Completed: April 2012

Applicator:Hafkamp Natuursteen  | Email: info@hafkampnatuursteen.nl



The Siemens office in the city of Hengelo, Netherlands, engaged Hafkamp Natuursteen to perform some stone restoration work. Inside the office is a high traffic, combined kitchen and canteen area, with a 1200 sq. m (13,000 sq. f) flamed Basalt floor. From years of use the floor has become heavily stained by food stuffs and beverages. As part of the restoration, Siemens wanted the Basalt deep cleaned and colour enhanced. 



The owners had a number of stringent prerequisites for choosing an enhancer:

  • Siemens wanted an enhancer which could be warranted to last a minimum of 5 years.
  • Application must be suitable for the flamed basalt surface, as basalt is an iron-rich mineral that can easily be damaged by water and other liquids.
  • Application must not disrupt everyday use and business activity in the area.
  • Siemens wanted to continue to use mop and bucket cleaning to maintain the surface, and avoid purchasing heavy duty equipment.



ENHANCE-PLUS™ was chosen as the ideal colour enhancer because:

  • ENHANCE-PLUS™ provides a rich enhancement for Basalt, without changing its wet slip resistant properties.
  • ENHANCE-PLUS™ was able to be applied overnight so the surface could be used the next day.
  • ENHANCE-PLUS™ can be warranted to perform for 5 years when applied by a Dry-Treat Accredited Applicator.
  • ENHANCE-PLUS™ also makes the surface easier to clean.

ENHANCE-PLUS™ has been replaced by Dry-Treat’s INTENSIFIA™. INTENSIFIA™ is the ultimate combination of enhancer and impregnating sealer, providing deep colour enrichment plus unrivalled water and oil repellence. The UV-resistant enhancer will not discolour crack or peel over time. INTENSIFIA™ retains the wet slip resistance and breathability of surfaces. The enhancer is also environmentally responsible producing low VOCs throughout its exceptional 5+ year lifespan. 

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