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Become an Accredited Applicator

Are you a Professional Tradesperson? Painter? Tiler? Landscaper? Builder? Become a Dry-Treat Accredited Applicator and add big $$$ to your income.

This is a genuinely free opportunity for responsible, experienced tradespeople from the building industry to add a service to their business or start a whole new business.

Accredited Applicator Brcohure


Dry-Treat provides free training and certification.

  • We will teach you to deep clean, protect, and enhance natural stone & other porous surfaces, using Dry-Treat's world-leading products.
  • As you gain more experience, we will provide advanced technical training with ongoing technical support.

Plus, we will help you with your business

  • By webinar, you will learn how to successfully and cheaply market yourself. Learn who to target, how to get their attention, and how to win business on a very small budget.
  • Plus, you will get access to all our artwork and marketing tools, from brochures and business card designs to presentations and demo tools.

We can't make you successful, but we can give you the tools we have developed with the most successful Accredited Applicators in more than 30 countries.

Full access to Dry-Treat's warranty system

Once you are trained and accredited, you will get your own (free) login to our online warranty system so you can provide our unmatched WRITTEN performance warranties, up to 25 years, for your customers.

All training and support are free. 

We earn our money when your business is successful and you purchase more Dry-Treat products.

• No schemes • No fees

There is a catch

You must first enroll in our online ICP University Education Program and take the required classes. Please note that you can only begin writing warranties AFTER you have completed our online program.

Not everybody is accepted into the ICP University Education Program. We only select responsible, energetic, experienced tradespeople that have what it takes to succeed. Our products are industry-leading. It is very important that only properly trained and certified University Education Program graduates are authorized to perform installations.

To register for ICP Construction Dry-Treat University, please visit https://www.drytreat.com/icp-registration.html

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